After 40 years, Immigrant Settlement Program needs an overhaul – By Globe and Mail
April 21, 2014

B.C. government must act to end abuse of foreign workers: advocates – By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun
April 17, 2014   

McDonald's foreign workers call it 'slavery' – By Kathy Tomlinson, CBC News
April 17, 2014

Manitoba moves to protect temp workers – By Canadian HR Reporter
April 16, 2014

Minister mulls barring foreign worker program for some fast-food jobs – By Ian Bailey, the Globe and Mail
April 15, 2014

Indo-Canadian immigration continues to grow – CIC News
April 14, 2014

Questions build around foreign worker program – By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun
April 14, 2014

Ottawa doubles number of Irish workers allowed on two-year visas – By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun
April 13, 2013

Immigrants face 'unreasonable' hurdles with Old Age Security, critics say – By CBC News
April 13, 2013

Saskatchewan licenses immigration consultants, recruiters – By HR Reporter
April 11, 2014

Recruiters charging foreign workers in Ontario illegal fees as high as $12,000 for jobs that might not exist, report finds – By Rachel Browne – Financial Post 
April 10, 2014

Immigrants with degrees find it harder to find professional jobs in Canada – By Ray Clancy, Expat Forum
April 10, 2014

Happy times, hard times: Two sides of the Canadian immigrant coin – By Metro News
April 10, 2014

Why the kids of Asian immigrants excel – and what it teaches us about stereotypes – By Erin Anderssen, the Globe and Mail
April 10, 2014

Do Canadians have appetite for jobs that temporary foreign workers fill? – By Lee-Anne Goodman, the Star
April 9, 2014

Douglas Todd: The most 'Asian' city outside Asia – By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun
April 1, 2014

B.C. will need to look overseas to fill some of expected one million openings – By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun  
March 31, 2014

ESL classes shutting down as funding dries up – By Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun
March 28, 2014

Canada’s oldest Chinese print shop closes at 6 p.m. today, after 106 years in business – By John Mackie, Vancouver Sun
March 28, 2014

Attracting skilled immigrants a critical key in closing skills gaps – By CNW Newswire
March 28, 2014

Canada is not facing labour or skills shortages: report – By TARA CARMAN, VANCOUVER SUN
March 26, 2014

March 25, 2014

Canada’s Immigrant Integration Program awarded $1.9 million – By Canadian Immigrant
March 24, 2014

Preparing Newcomers for Life in Canada – By Government of Canada News Release
March 21, 2014

Study to assess trade qualifications underway – By CIC News Release
March 14, 2014

Helping Newcomers Integrate into Canadian Labour Market – By CIC News Release
March 13, 2014

Hong Kong audience hears of plans for a new Canadian immigrant investor program - By Matthew Robinson, Vancouver Sun  
March 20, 2014

Attracting Skilled Newcomers to Canada - By Government of Canada News Release
March 18, 2014

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Visits China - By Government of Canada News Release
March 17, 2014

B.C. signs on to Canada Job Grant – By Canadian HR Reporter
March 12, 2014

Canada's competitiveness will suffer if immigrants aren't better integrated: experts – By Canadian HR Reporter  
March 11, 2014

Local Chinese community catches the eye of Beijing – By Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun
March 10, 2014

Migration facts: B.C. hardly “stagnant” – By Vancouver Sun
March 7, 2014

How Canada keeps some immigrant women in their place – By Lorne Waldman Audrey Macklin, the Star
March 7, 2014

Immigration red tape leaves wife of six years raising her son alone in Canada – By  Nicholas Keung, the Star
March 7, 2014

Chinese millionaires urge 'trustworthy' Canada not to ditch their immigration applications – By Louise Watt, Vancouver Sun
March 4, 2014

Resolved: Muslim immigration is no threat to the West – By Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail
March 4, 2014

News Archive

NSWAC Newsletter

Volume 2 - October 2013

The North Shore Welcoming Action Committee will be hosting themed Community Dialogues that
will be inspired by experts, art, food and story. The intent of the dialogues is to provide the whole community an opportunity to learn more about the challenges faced by newcomers and issues related to the development of welcoming and inclusive communities.

The first NSWAC Community Dialogue was held September 17th at the Pinnacle Hotel. The dialogue featured Lionel Laroche and the 100 attendees gave the event high marks for content CommUNITY Dialogue #1 Featuring Lionel Laroche and organization. Most stated that they had a better understanding of the issues, were inspired to take a larger role in the development of a more welcoming North Shore and would encourage others to participate in upcoming dialogues.

Read the newsletter

Volume 1 - May 2013

On May 23, in an unprecedented event, 90 community service providers representing 39 organizations and agencies, gathered to network—and take a good run at answering this big question.

The goal was to paint a fuller picture of existing services for North Shore newcomers, and gauge our overall receptiveness to new immigrants and refugees.

How did it go? Over 90% gave the event full marks as an opportunity to share what’s working, what gaps need attention, and ways to encourage more people to see their own role in the welcome effort on the North Shore. This newsletter is a summary of the input of the attendees.

To read the newsletter, simply click here.  

Volume 1, Issue 1. March, 2010

Topics in this issue:

1. Our Welcoming Communities
2. Focus
Groups—Let Your Voice Be Heard
3. Health and Wellness Project for Newcomers

Volume 1, Issue 2. July, 2010

Topics in this issue:

1. Settlement Workers in Schools
2. Responding to Racism Project

3. North Vancouver City Library Programs for Youth